Friday, September 14, 2012

a Solid U-turn

SolidWorks announces a new version and backed the ambitious plans for 2013.

Four days before the declaration of the new IPhone, a new version of SolidWorks introduce , SolidWorks 2013. Interestingly , is actually what is missing.  If you've been following publications and statements by SolidWorks during the last two years, SolidWorks 2013 was to be the last version of the software and appears alongside, bright and radiant, was supposed to pop up a completely new software, revolutionary, different, cloud-based The V6.
what new SolidWorks V6 was supposed to release the company  from dependence on the competitor "Siemens". SolidWorks software is built from the first day on two major component. The geometric kernel Parasolid and the constrain manager D-cube, both belong to a group that include  NX Unigraphics and Solid Edge within Siemens. These two components are significant and necessary to any  modern CAD software.
Reliance on the major competitor causes dissatisfaction at SW parent company, Dassault Systemes that holds SolidWorks as well as the High end CAD software we considered 

to be the most comprehensive (and most complicated) - Catia.
In a controversial move that has lasted over three years, during which the CEO and the VP for R&D replaced and the founder and first CEO left,  an entirely new software 
was supposed to roll-out this month after intensive development under strict media blackout
for the last five years.
SolidWorks V6 was supposed to close the technological gaps opened by competitors and bring technological advantage to produce a cloud solution that runs on any platform including direct editing and relay on  Catia strong kernel, the GSM.
Currently, the reality is that V6 absent. Instead, SolidWorks announced that there will be SW 2014, 2015 and so on in the same old pattern. During 2013, additional software for conceptual 'design' will be release but not as a substitute for the Good old Solidworks.
the intent of the new Conceptual design software remains a mystery but I can guess it is just another   direct editing tool regardless of history, previous constraints or sketches, such as the Inventor Fusion , Siemens Synchronous or SpaceClaim that are at the market for several years now.
While the Fusion and the Synchronous are based on the corporate kernel and therefore allows the designer sharing and updating interact with the other CAD software the brend offer such as Inventor or Autocad, the new 

SolidWorks conceptual tool will necessarily be based on the GSM  Geometric kernel, which will put a serious problem in use the two programs simultaneously.
Not surprisingly, the 2013 version that was supposed to be the last in the raw, does not offer any innovations and help minor improvements. SolidWorks users will have to decide whether to continue paying thousands of dollars each year for minor upgrades or stay with what they have. With no innovations, SolidWorkss will find it difficult to continue to maintain a relatively high price in a market where software prices targeting down and the Battle of capabilities, is worsening.

Joe Brouwer at Linked In cad /cam group , writes about the SolidWorks technological
backwardness, according to John, the following topics are not covered well  (the links show how this is done in other programs):
 And I cad add  four issues that should be reflected in the new V6 software as SolidWorks promised back at Anaheim in 2010 but now it all look like Autodesk roadmap :
 Is SolidWorks paying the price for focusing on the Ghost version -
V6 ?
Shana Tuva,
Gal Raz

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