Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First clouds for a new era

Cloud simulation
From time to time, a significant technological change is requested. In the CAD world, there is broad consensus that the future lies in the cloud. The Demands for more computer resources, on-line data management plus information sharing, and the need to manage add-ons software and varied applications that are all updated every year, required a better solution than what exists today in the world of personal computing. For the last three years, most CAD suppliers are racing who will be the first to market with a cloud solution. SolidWorks with its early announcement in 2010, taught the other players it is better to develop in the shadows without arousing too much noise in the market. Jeff Ray, former SW CEO, create a negative buzz from the company's loyal customers when he announced its intention to change the platform and technology of the popular software .The customers Reaction caused SolidWorks to retreat (at least outwardly) and left the stage for Autodesk to be the first out offering a cloud base solution.

Autodesk for mobile
Autodesk is moving step by step to the new era. Transformation is performed at several levels.  The company mobile environment already have a long list of exclusive applications for IOS and Android. When Autodesk finally enter to the PLM game a year ago, they chose to do so with the PLM360, cloud only software. Today, everyone who buy a software from Autodesk  getting her number of free cloud services, such as 25GB storage per software license (like DropBox but five times larger) render services in the cloud, optimization, etc..
Now, Autodesk feels confident enough to walk into the center stage, to be the first to offer a number of robust cloud applications and give them for a trial to anyone.
Sim360 is a great example of the proper use of cloud capabilities. You can download the software here for 90 days. Three months of effective strength testing that can be preform to parts and assemblies from various CAD software. thermal testing, crash, effort, vibration, fatigue, and more. After installation, the calculation is performed locally in the cloud. The modern user interface requires some adjustment as well as the file management and sharing integrated system. But, the effort worthwhile, you get a powerful simulation system for free to 90 days and a chance to enjoy the performance of software that is not depends on the strength of your PC. Just notice you download the first software on the list and not the PRO version to enjoy the new cloud base interface.

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